India has a deep-rooted culture and civilization going back to 5000 years in history.India is an ancient, but a continuing civilization. Various streams have flown into it to lend a unique character to its people and their history and cultural evolution. Century after century, the world has marveled at the mystique of this confluence. While many a civilization has appeared on the historical scale, played its part, declined and faded away, India has lived. There has to be some reason why India has survived while other civilizations could not.

India's diversities and contrasts are numerous, yet there is remarkable bonding in India that has kept it united and unified over centuries. India’s ancient but continuing civilization has fascinated and mesmerized the world. India has been aptly described as the “epitome of the world”. India's rich and diverse culture has been a subject of study by scholars from all over the world. is virtually a mini-encyclopaedia on India's Art and Culture, Heritage and Customs and Traditions. The website attempts to present key elements of Indian art and culture in a clear and intelligible manner. The site provides vital information on topics like Indian architecture, music & dance, theater, cinema, paintings, religions of India, Indian fairs & festivals, arts and crafts, Indian languages & literature and tribes of India.

There are also informative sections on honours & awards, India's famous personalities, places & monuments, sports in India, first in India and cultural profile of Indian States and Union Territories, besides interesting links to India puzzles, India Crosswords and India Quiz. The Culturopedia Newsletter updates you on the latest happenings on the cultural front in India. brings you closer to understanding the essential India and its ancient culture, besides keeping you abreast with modern India and what constitutes it.